Sunday, September 17, 2017

Top 5 : Makeup Products I'll Repurchase & Recommend

Hi Everyone,

Everyone has their favourites & I have mine too. Out of my favourites, I've picked out the Top 5 that I have restocked time and again. I have loved these & even recommended them to friends & family whenever I've been asked to suggest certain products.

So here's a list of my Top 5 Makeup Products that I will definitely repurchase in future & recommend to anyone who's interested -

1. Loreal MatMagique 12hr Foundation

Loreal MatMagique 12hr Foundation
This has become a very important part of my makeup kit. It's a great foundation for oily & combination skin types, as it sets matte & doesn't budge. Having said that, it's not thick in consistency like some medium to heavy coverage foundations are. Frankly, when I don't have concealer at hand, I use a lil extra foundation under the eyes to cover up the dark circles & it does a great job of that as well.

A couple of cons -
a. It sets very quickly. You need to work fast to blend it across the face & neck.
b. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with dry skin as it's matte & would further dry up your skin.

2. Lotus ColorKick Kajal - Review HERE.
I've used other kajals in the market quite honestly but always keep coming back to this one. The price point & pigmentation of the product are absolutely amazing! I like the Maybelline SuperBlack Kajal as well & it comes a close second to the Lotus one, but I don't see Lotus budging from the no.1 position in my list of deep, dark kajals.

3. Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder - Review HERE.
Any oily/combination skinned makeup enthusiast who has used this lil piece of magic, would tell you they've loved it! And I'm no different. I love it so much that when I hit pan on my 1st powder, I used up all the crumbly left-over bits until THERE WERE NO left-over bits lol. Now I've hit pan on my 2nd Stay Matte Powder & I'm going to do just that...again!!!

4. Nivea Men After Shave Balm - Review HERE.
The Nivea After Shave Balm deserves every bit of appreciation it gets on the internet, within the beauty community. It works as an amazing, hydrating primer to soften the skin, prep it for foundation & hold on to that foundation when applied. Do check out the link above for the review.

5. Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Creme

Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Creme

You get all kinds of makeup EVERYWHERE nowadays, say those ignorant ppl, who don't know that I cannot just go to a store now & buy my Derma Color Concealer for Rs.350/- (price in 2015). I could EASILY do that in Mumbai or Bangalore. Unfortunately, I can't buy it anywhere here :-( I could get it online, but it's not the same. I use it sparingly now but will surely pick up a small tub in Mumbai, next time I'm there. This is a miracle product & a little goes a long way. You have to try it to believe it!!

Cons -
a. Heavy duty concealer, so use a very, very tiny amount.
b. Quite drying, so use a good eye cream before it & set it quickly with powder after applying, since it tends to crease soon.

TheLipztickaholicDiaries will be incomplete with the mention of my much loved product, "The Lipstick", right? Here's a bonus product that I love....

A very, very special mention to Maybelline Lip Gradation in shade Pink2, that I have loved for the past year & a half. The proof? I'm on my 3rd crayon right now....yep, its true! 3 crayons in 1.5yrs has gotta be some kind of record, right? So I'm ready & waiting for my ;-)

I'd love to know about your top 5 makeup items that you absolutely love & rave about!! Tell me more about them in the comments section. Leave your questions, if any, there too!

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Until the next post, Ciao!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Date-Night Makeup Tutorial (Simple & Step-by-Step)

Hi Everyone,

Being parents to a very active 5yr old, we don't usually get to have date-nights. Either the kiddo tags along or we order-in & spend chilled out evenings at home.

So when the Husband & I realized that he has to leave for a tour on my birthday this month, we thought of going out to dinner. We called it an "Early Birthday Dinner + Date-Night". Since these evenings out are a rarity in my case, I thought of trying to put in a lil extra effort into my makeup look. It turned out really well & I was very pleased with it. It's actually very simple & with little practice, you could put this together in about 10mins flat.

Here's how I put it together -

1. Apply deep black kajal on the entire moving eyelid. Don't go above the crease though. Smudge out the kajal with a brush or your finger. This forms a nice base for the eyeshadows that follow. They'll stick on & last longer. If you're a beginner, I strongly suggest staying away from deep blacks & using a deep brown as they're more forgiving & easier to blend.

2. Apply a grey eyeshadow on the inner & outer corner of the eyelid. On the middle, dab a shimmery eyeshadow (I used a shimmery gold) with your finger. Blend the edges of 3 segments, to make it look gradient. So, they should look something like this - Grey-Gold-Grey lol I'm so sorry I'm really bad at describing this process.

The Gold in the centre of the eyelid, makes the eyes pop & looks beautiful. 

3. On the crease of the eye, you can blend in a deep brown or any earthy toned eyeshadow to deepen it. This will ensure an overall blended look. Tie-in the look by lining the lower lashline with the same deep black kajal & smudging it with a brown or black eyeshadow. 

So here's how the eye look turned out -

For this look, I used the New-trals Vs Neutrals palette by Makeup Revolution London. You could use any palette or single eyeshadows you own. You can also switch up the colours, while keeping the same technique to create a "Spotlight Effect" :-)

On another random note, I've been away for about 2 months now & it feels great to be blogging again. Hope you liked this simple tutorial I put together. I write at nights when my lil one's asleep & I do so on my phone. With his school schedule & everything else, the post takes sometime to make an appearance on the blog hehe, completely my fault...Guilty as charged!! 

Leave in requests for other posts & I'll be happy to come up with them!

See you all around soon! Ciao!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

SATLIVA - Skincare with Hemp Seed Oil (Part 1 of 2)

Hi Everyone,

Today, I will be sharing my experience about SATLIVA products.

SATLIVA products are made from Hemp seeds, sourced from the Himalayas. Hemp seed oil is extracted from these seeds using the cold press technique, which retains the natural nutrients & flavours of the oil. It's then combined with other oils to produce an all-natural, chemical free skin care product.

First Impressions - I was a little surprised to see that the Body butter & Face butter didn't have the creamy, buttery texture that such kind of products normally have. If you've used body butters & creams from other brands, you'll see that SATLIVA products have a different consistency (actual pic of product at the end of the post).

The fragrance of the products was quite lovely. I was slightly apprehensive about using these due to my oily-combination skin (they have an oily texture) but I went ahead with using them anyway. Here's my experience -

1. SATLIVA Raspberry Lip Butter (Rs.199/- for 10gms) -

This was an instant hit with my dry, chapped lips. I use this as an overnight treatment for my parched, matte lipstick-loving lips. This one is a must-try from that range. Cuz. You know. Raspberry!!

2. SATLIVA Coco Bliss Body Butter (Rs.799/- for 100gms) -

With the goodness of Jojoba Oil, Moringa Oil, Cocoa Butter & Spearmint, this one's my absolute favourite! I have made this a part of my night-time routine & having been loving the results. It not only softened my knees & elbows but worked wonders on my feet, which btw I'm guilty of not showing much love to. Massage this on to your feet and wear socks, you'll wake up to baby-soft (& visibly better-looking) feet.

Although, this particular product came to me slightly liquified, I must say this has been the one to impress me the most. I kept it in the fridge for a couple of hours & it was good to go.

3. SATLIVA Mango Fresh Face Butter (Rs.799/- for 100gms) -

Like I mentioned before, I found these products to be pretty oily & hence made them a part of my night-time routine. I've noticed that my oily/combination skin takes time to soak up the goodness of these products & till then looks quite greasy. (PS - Despite the greasy look, none of these products have broken me out till date).

The Mango Fresh Face Butter that I received doesn't have a strong Mango scent..actually, it doesn't have a Mango scent to it at all. I had used up my Facial Oil & was looking for something to battle the non-stop air-conditioner all night. The Mango Butter is doing great on that front. It's got Carrot Seed Oil, Lavender Oil & our trusty Tea Tree Oil.

4. SATLIVA Hair Essentials Hair Cream (Rs.799/- for 100gms) -

A heavy-duty cream that I should have gone easy on. Lesson learnt - a little goes a long way, with this one!! The Hair Cream is enriched with Argan Oil which nourishes the hair from within & the Peppermint Oil gives it a cooling effect...& that my friends, feels heavenly.

Heads - up : You might need to shampoo 3 to 4 times to wash this off. The cream is quite heavy & I strongly suggest using this on days that you can relax & pamper your hair, with some deep nourishment. Ideal for an ''At-Home Spa Session". It nourishes the hair deeply and leaves it tangle-free, soft and smooth.

Cons - 
1. Glass tubs, not very travel friendly.
2. Oily consistency, best if included in your night time routine (my opinion).
3. Price point, slightly on the higher side.

Pros -
1. Quality skincare without any chemicals.
2. Good for any skin type. A must-try for Dry skin! Doesnt break out oily-combination skin. 
3. Freshly made when you place an order, so no issue of old batches in your delivery.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the products after having used these for over 4 weeks now. I look forward to repurchasing my favs from this range in the future. Part 2 of 2 coming up in the next couple of weeks.. Watch this space for more!

Note : Brand sent across products in exchange for an honest review. This is not a sponsored post.