Friday, July 31, 2015

Skincare Empties - June & July 2015

Hi Everyone,

I'm here today to share an 'Empties' post. You must be wondering why I'd share an empties post with you, well here are a couple of reasons. 

get to tell you the products I finished, along with a quick opinion on each of them...well, just quick thoughts on whether I liked the product & if I will repurchase it in future. And more importantly, it's like a commitment I make to myself to use the products all the way through, not give up on them midway & report my thoughts to you ;-)

1. Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Mud Pack - Really nice for oily, acne-prone skin & those rare breakouts. Althouh I havent used this regularly (actually I should..) I use it on sudden breakouts and it dries them out within a day or two. I'll definitely repurchase this one.

2. Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation 04 - It says its water-based but this one had the sticky, foundation-ny feeling & I wasn't comfortable with it. I will not be re-purchasing this one. I've gotten pretty comfortable with my current CC cream so not really looking to change to foundation soon.

3. Lakme CC Cream in Bronze - Aah! Well, the pic says it all, I have gone throught almost 8-9 tubes of this from the time it released. I wish it came in more shades, but I like the Bronze shade of this cream, so I'm gonna stick to it :-) One of my favourites, will definitely repurchase.

4. Garnier BB Cream - I really like this one for daily use. It doesnt give much coverage but I like that it brightens up the skin for a fresh look. The lovely almond fragrance is a plus as well. I'm going to stick to Lakme CC Cream as of now; maybe I'll get this during summer next year.

5. Johnson's Baby Milk Cream - Yes, Yes, I'm a CHOR (thief) like that!! LOL My son's cream has made its way into my empties post cuz I love it for dry elbows and knees. And on rare occasions when my face feels dry and parched, this one's a saviour!

6. Loreal Paris Skin Perfect Cream (30+) - I'm not the one to go after 'whitening creams' but this one sparked an interest in me since it was customized for age groups - 20+, 30+ & 40+. It was nice, not a great cream that I'll jump and repurchase. The nice yet strong fragrance & the fact that it can sometimes leave a white cast on the face on humid days, put me off a bit. I'm glad I bought a small tube & managed to finish it :-)

7. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Daily Sunblock with SPF 70PA++ - My constant companion during all those summer days, I finally finished this cream. I won't repurchase this one again but would definitely go for another version - the SPF 40 Tinted Sunscreen by Lotus. I can swap that one for any BB/CC Cream/Foundation on my face since it provides more coverage and remains matte throughout the day...things this SPF 70 guy sadly doesn't do :-)

8. Cuccio Naturale Hydrating Butter with Pomegranate and Fig - I loved this one! Yummy fragrance, extremely hydrating & .....freaking expensive!! LOL... Read my thoughts on this lil guy, I got as a sample in one of my fab bags - HERE.

Hope you all liked this new post. Would you like me to continue doing such posts in future? What did you finish off this June & July? What's your opinion on some of these products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below...

Until next time, Ciao!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July Fab Bag 2015 - Review

Hi Everyone,

Feels great to be back to blogging! My Sis was here from Mumbai and the quality time we spent together talking about food, movies, family & just about everything under the sun, made me completely oblivious to the fact that I hadn't blogged in a while! It's like she brought along a small part of my childhood along with her. She left a couple of days ago and I suddenly realized I had all this pent up "writing energy" that I need to pour out on paper, well in this case my little blog! ;-)

So coming back to the topic, I received my July Fab Bag sometime ago and started using the products right away. I was excited from the time they released sneak-peeks of this month's bag, on all social media. The theme this month is 'Red Carpet' and the bag is a golden, blingy, clutch-like beauty. Its got tic-tac buttons (lol sorry that's what we called them when we were kids!) to close the clutch. The buttons open to reveal a zipper in the fold, which then opens up to show the contents of the bag.

Let's see what I got in the bag this month, along with a quick review of what I think about it -

1. Eye Told You So! Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in 01 Black Swan by Sugar -

I really liked the formula of this liner! Not only is it very pigmented but it also dries quickly to a sexy, matte black finish. The felt tip of the liner is neither too stiff nor extremely flexible; its just right for making wings, flicks, cat eyes or whatever rocks one's boat! Really like this one...

2. Vana Vidhi Luxury Shimmer Sunscreen -

While I'm happy that this sunscreen is 100% paraben-free, 100% vegan & is made of 10 natural and essential oils, I don't tend to use this too often. Mainly, due to the 'shimmer' factor - I don't like shimmery products during the day. Also, I don't know what the shimmer particles are made up of. I have used this a couple of time and I find it strictly okay :-)

3. Bella Pierre Cosmetics Mineral Lipstick in Ruby -

This lipstick got me very excited...lately any Red Lipstick tends to have that effect on me! :-P The lipstick is nice and creamy but not to the extent that it will bleed or feather out on your lips. Its a beautiful shade of red with slight orange undertones. It has a lovely formula but a very sheer finish & I need at least 2-3 swipes to get full colour payoff. It lasts on my lips for just about 3 hrs or so and fades away quickly. The lipstick leaves back a light stain on the lips, but its too light to leave it at that; I need a quick touch up for sure to get it back to its full glory! lol 'full glory' eh? wow I really seem to like red lipsticks, don't I? ;-)

4. Ayorma Spa Daily Scrub & Face Wash - 

These a chotu-sample size products that are really nice. I have tried these out & they've now found a place in my handbag because of their tiny, travel-friendly size. They leave my skin feeling nice, smooth and refreshed. I don't know about the others who have received these, but I am a little put off by the strong fragrance of these. 

Here's a simple, yet classic "Red Lips & Eyeliner" look I created using the Bella Pierre Mineral Lipstick (Ruby) & the Eye Told You So! eyeliner by Sugar: 

Overall, I'm quite happy with the bag this month. I really liked most of the products & I'm definitely going to find use for the blingy clutch that they all came in, on special evenings and family functions. 

Have you subscribed to a subscription box? Which one do you like? What are your thoughts on this month's FabBag if you have received one? Please leave your comments below to share your thoughts with me :-)

Until the next post, Ciao!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kate Moss Lipstick & Stay Matte Powder by Rimmel London - Review

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes I feel there should an award of some kind, a medal maybe for finding the best products from a mile-high vertical display, in less than 10 that is major achievement!! LOL 

I'm here today to review two lil budget beauty finds, that were 'quick-buys' (ahem...7mins flat! Do I hear applause?) from a Rimmel counter in the Parcos store at Orion Mall. I'm going to make these reviews short & sweet, well... at least here's hoping...

1. Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss No.29 (Black Packaging) - 

Price: 275/- for 4g

The lipstick comes in a matte black body which is really sleek and classy. The cap has Kate Moss' signature on it in red. The shade and number are mentioned on the bottom of the tube. It's a slight bummer that one wouldn't be able to tell the shade by merely looking at the tube, I mean what if you owned more than one?

No.29 (yes :-( no name!) is a Deep Purple with strong Pink undertones in it (or maybe Deep Pink with Purple undertones in it...I dunno!!!). If you know me, you'll know I love anything Purple but strangely I don't have a lot of purple shades in my stash of lipsticks. I had swatched "Shameless" from the Revlon Matte Balm range and found it didn't suit me at all. When I saw Rimmel No.29, I knew I'd found the right 'Orchid-y Purple' for myself. The price tag didn't hurt either! ;-) I'm loving this one on me!! 

Hand swatch in Natural Light
Hand swatch under florescent tube
Pigmentation & Texture: 
The lipstick is quite pigmented although you WILL need 2 swipes to cover your natural lip colour. Its a slightly frosty finish lipstick, but don't let that scare you though, even that slight frostiness disappears in a couple of minutes of application & leaves behind a beautiful colour. The texture is creamy and absolutely easy to apply; the lipstick glides on smoothly. It had a lovely formula and doesn't need a liner underneath it. 
Lip swatches in Natural Light
Wear-time: This lipstick lasts on me for a good 4-5 hrs. Fades a little, but evenly, post meals and drinks so you don't need to rush for a touch-up. It's got good staining powder and stains the lips well. 

I love the shade and bought this purely for the colour, maybe if I'd have spent more time to look for a similar shade in an absolutely matte finish, I'd have found it in the red packaging Kate Moss range. I'm not complaining, I love this and I work with it by 'turning it into matte'! Read how I turn some of my non-matte colours into matte ones & also increase staying power this way - HERE.

2. Rimmel London Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder (005 Silky Beige):

I hit pan on my current compact powder & wanted to try out a different one this time, so I bought the 'famed' Stay Matte Pressed Powder :-) I wish I had got it in summers to test it out better, but it's working well for for me nonetheless.

Price: Rs.250/- 

Shade: 005 Silky Beige

Pigmentation & Texture: The powder does have a slight shade to it, but nothing that will alter the shade of my foundation/BB cream that I wear underneath it. I have also tried this out without a base or concealer & even though it gives me slight coverage, I'm still happy with it because it keeps me matte for a long time. 

Wear-time: It keeps my T-zone oil free for more than 5/6 hrs. I may sweat during this time, but this lil piece of magic ensures that I don't get oily. I know it looks a bit chalky in the pic, but it doesnt look that way on the skin. I love that it takes care of the shine very effectively as per the claims!! I only wish it came with a mirror for on-the-go touch ups. 

Hope these quick (yeah right!!) reviews helped in some way! Do try out these products if you like them & if you have anything else from this range, then let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. If you wish to read about my other Rimmel London Lipsticks, click HERE.

Until the next post, Ciao!!!

Monday, July 6, 2015

June 2015 Fab Bag - Review

Hi Everyone!

I know I'm pretty late on this post..the post was ready but due to lack of time, I wasn't able to click good pictures of the products. So now that everything's ready, here goes...

Today, I’m going to review the Fab Bag for the month of June 2015. I rcvd this on 25th June, which is very late in the month and that’s one grouse I’ve always had with the Team.. Delayed Deliveries!! Anyway, let’s take a look at the goodies and see if they’re as exciting as the rest of the months.

The June Fabbag is deep brown with a hint of purple in it. Unlike the other months, the bag is shaped differently. It’s shorter, bulkier and more rectangular in shape. The theme for June was ‘Take Charge’ & the goodies were quite interesting - 

Cuccio Nail Colour : Fountain of Versailles
1.       Cuccio Nail Colour in the shade Fountain of Versailles – A unique deep metallic teal shade that can adds a punch to those evenings out! But it's really beautiful & you can easily rock this during the day as well. I'm very happy to experiment with it, because it’s not something I’d normally pick up for myself.

Cuccio Naturale Hydrating Butter (Pomegranate & Fig)
2.       Cuccio Naturale Hydrating Butter (Pomegranate & Fig) – This lil sample is ‘heaven in a tube’! I’d jump up and buy the full-size product for myself, if it weren’t for its price (Rs.2970/- for 240gm). I currently use this every day after I cleanse my face. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth, without the oiliness. It’s a welcome change from my normal moisturizer.

Ananda in the Himalayas Light Moisturiser with Sandalwood & Rose
3.       Ananda in the Himalayas Light Moisturiser with Sandalwood & Rose – I know this product is being loved by one & all, but for me, this one doesn’t work. The cream is meant for dry skin & tends to leave my combination skin, all oily and sticky. Not a fan of this one! Team Fabbag, wish you had read my preferences well, before adding this to my bag :-( Smells nice though, true to its name, of Sandalwood and Roses. I tried it twice on the face and didn’t like it, now planning to use this on elbows and knees, maybe I’d make my peace with this product. 

Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist with SPF 25 **Broad Spectrum**
4.       Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist with SPF 25 **Broad Spectrum** - I’m on the fence about this spray. I have used this many a times since I received it in the Fab Bag, but I can't tell if its working on not. Also, my silly mind keeps telling me, it’s a spray! What if it doesn’t cover certain areas of your face? Use a Sunscreen, a cream instead!! So I’m still experimenting with this one & I’m kinda sure I won't repurchase it. 

P.S. - Neutrogena Lovers, there’s a lot of lovely things being said about the Spray-on Sunscreen :-) Plz tell me how you like it, so I can give that one a try sometime!

Perfume Sample by All Good Scents (Fragrance – Smooth)
5.       Perfume Sample by All Good Scents (Fragrance – Smooth) – Bonus product for Father’s Day - I have loved Brute…yes Brute, the "Manly Man’s perfume" from the 80's, ever since I was a lil kid. Dad used to wear Brute & the fragrance always made me miss him, whenever he was away from home, on work. Maybe that’s why I have always liked Men’s fragrances. I liked this one too…it’s strong enough to last for a while, but not like the ones that are so overpowering, they makes you cringe in!!

The products are really interesting.. I really like some; on the fence about some & the rest are nothing great…good mix eh? The one thing that I’m slightly bummed about is the Bag itself..maybe it was made keeping the ‘Father’s Day’ theme in mind, but I wish it was more colorful & fun like the other bags of 2015. Hoping the bag looks more interesting in July! ;-)

Until the next post, Ciao!!

Friday, July 3, 2015

My Experiments with Skincare - Baby Products

Hi Everyone,

You all know how I love multi-tasking products. Today I want to share a quick post today on how I multi-task with some of the Baby products that I have 'borrowed' from my almost 3yr old!. Apart from the obvious uses for these 'lil miracles', I use them in the following ways -

Baby Shampoo - 

1. To clean Makeup Brushes - The product is made to cleanse & soften 'real baby hair' ( ahem..I know what you're thinking...then what's 'fake baby hair'?!) so needless to say, its going to work wonders on makeup brush hair. This makes cleaning them, a breeze! It cleans away all the makeup accumulated within the bristles/hair & conditions them at the same time. Maybe I don't own as many, but I can double-cleanse all my brushes in 15 mins flat!!

2. To clean a Tangle Teezer - This lil product is a miracle in itself, but then keeping this clean is very important. The dust on our hair & dirt/grime that may have formed on the scalp can accumulate on the Tangle Teezer over a period of time. Its tricky cleaning this comb, due to the placement of the teeth; some are shorter, the others long & are placed in a crisscross fashion on the comb. 

A small, old toothbrush can be used
to clean the Tangle Teezer comb

I use the a Baby Shampoo on an old toothbrush and scrub through the TT. Once its thoroughly cleaned, I cleanse it with normal running water, shake off the excess water and leave it to dry. Voila! A 'clean as new' Tangle Teezer is waiting to untangle those knots in your hair, in a jiffy!

Baby Powder - 

1. As a dry shampoo - Let's face it! Mom or not, everyone's busy now a days. There are times when we have to step out without a hair bath, with 3rd or maybe 4th day hair (Come on now..own up! we've all been there some time!). For those slightly greasy hair days, shake out some baby powder (use a finely milled one!) on to your hand, rub it gently between your palms & massage it into the roots of your hair. Pay special attention to the greasy, slightly oily looking areas! 

I will admit this process is a little tricky since you'll need to know how much powder to take out, because excess might just end up giving you grey looking, dry try this at home sometime before you try doing this for a day/night out. 

2. To mattify a creamy lipstick - We all have that one gorgeous creamy lipstick, that we wish, came in a matte finish. 'Fikar not' my friends, after you've applied the lipstick, hold one ply of a dry tissue paper as a cover on your lips & dab some baby powder from the outside - Instant Matte Effect!!

Baby Oil - 

1. As a makeup remover - On days when you feel tired or down right lazy, a bi-phase makeup remover on a cotton swab can be your saviour! On days when you have some time or you feel your skin need some pampering, try removing your makeup with baby oil. I must say not only does the makeup melt off easily, it also leaves your skin - soft, smooth and moisturized. Do not forget to give it a quick cleanse with baby soap or any other gentle cleanser so that you get rid of any oily residue on your face.

I have been trying this out on my oily/combination skin for about 2 weeks now (not daily though!) & really liking the result. Makeup removal is fast & effective, without drying out my skin :-)

How about you? Do you have any products that you love to multitask with? Share them with me in the comments section below. Read my other multitasking experiment with makeup HERE.

Until the next post, Ciao!! 

Editor's note: I am not a Cosmetologist or a Professional makeup artist. I just wish to share makeup & skincare tips via this blog. Kindly use your own discretion when any using any makeup/skincare products. No one knows your skin, like you do!