Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Summer-ready Makeup products! (Current favs)

Summer wasn’t supposed to have officially begun in February, but I guess summer didn’t know that!! It arrived very early on this year with the scorching sun making it difficult to step out after just 10.30am. Humidity was high too and this meant a change HAD to be made soon. Simple changes like the temperature of bath water, switch in shower gels which had a more summery fragrance, better air-freshners in the house, etc. It also meant that I needed to change daily skincare for my combination skin, with a stronger SPF and an easier ‘summer-ready’ makeup routine.

Here are some of the products I have switched to, this summer, to get me ready and out of the house in 10mins. Remember, these are only Makeup products; I haven't included any skincare here. Do let me know if you wish to see a post on skincare as well. Back to my favs in Makeup, here we go....

  1. Garnier BB Cream – This ‘no-fuss’ BB cream comes with SPF24 UVA/UVB Protection. The cream comes in one shade that blends very well into any skin tone. If you want coverage, then I’d recommend Lakme CC Cream SPF20. It has great coverage and the Sun protection factor isn’t bad as well.  I prefer Granier this time of the year, because  when I am going out in the hot sun to pick up D from school, I am a little more worried about sun protection rather than coverage. Take your pick, both these creams are really nice!

2. Lakme Eyeconic Black and Miss Claire Waterproof eyepencil - I need my eye pencils and my kajal. For so many reasons – they define my eyes and make them stand out behind my glasses; I can play with colours on my eyes, if I am not in a mood for any other kind of makeup; I can match these to my outfits, etc. I love them for all these reasons and more so when they come as reasonably priced, great quality eye pencils, I know I will use them long term without getting bored midway. The Eyeconic Black needs no introduction and is everyone’s fav everyday kajal (so I’m told..yet still given tough competition by the Maybelline Colossal Kajal). The Miss Claire eye pencil in Royal Blue no. 19 was a surprise find in Pune, when I went shopping with my sis-in-law. Priced at only Rs.90/-, I now wish I had bought this in other colours as well. This pencil has made its way into my daily routine, because the colour matches (..almost matches) my denims! So whether or not I have a bright lipstick on, I will always have a pop of colour on the face. See, Summer – Ready eyes!

3. Revlon Shadowlink in Java – Aah! What do I say about this lil fellow! He’s my fav, be it a neutral everyday wash of colour on the lids, on its own OR a beautiful crease colour to compliment a dark smokey eye, this lil guy is always ready to help! Look at the dents I’ve made in it LOL that shows how much I love it and reach out for it everyday.

4. Revlon Colorstay Highlighter in Bronze Glow – I was never into ‘Highlighters’ and ‘Bronzers’. I firstly thought they were unnecessary and more importantly, too much work…like I already didn’t have enough to do (Lazy Lazy!!). This product has proved me wrong and how! This quick-to-apply bronzer gives me a healthy glow as opposed to the ‘Vampire-like’ look that I get without it. A ‘foundation-only’ look makes me look very pale and this product helps with adding colour (read Life!) to my face. I use the cream coloured strip in the product to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and the brow bone. Also, the individual strips can be used as eye shadows as well!

5. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in 016 Heart Breaker – I had absolutely no idea that Rimmel London had counters in malls. I was accompanying a friend to a mall near her house, when I found that there was a Rimmel London counter there, along with the other well known brands. I had a particular colour in mind from one of the other brands and was tempted to buy that, but when I came to know that I could get 2 Rimmel lipsticks for that price, I stuck with Rimmel. Also, I had never tried out RImmel London products before. I brought home no.016 Heart Breaker and no.020 Cutting Edge. Heart Breaker is a beautiful, warm pink, great for summers and amazingly easy on the pocket. Priced at Rs.250/- these lipsticks are semi-matte, long lasting, smell like bubblegum and are overall awesome!

So these are the main products I reach out for since the weather decided to go all crazy on us! Apart from these, here are some other pics of products that I use every now and then.

(L to R) - InVeda BB Cream, Blue Heaven Compressed Powder, Clinique Lipstick in 94-Beach Coral
(Bottom) - Chambor Radiant Touch up Concealer

Hope you liked this post! Do leave a comment telling me some of your favourite products, this summer! Bye!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

PURPLE DAY FOR EPILEPSY on March 26th - Purple themed Makeup Look for ChildRaise Trust

Hello Everyone,

Before I begin with the look, let me tell you about the inspiration and thought behind it.

Mrs. Kavita Shanbhag, is a dear friend's Mum, a close family-friend and one of the sweetest, most coolest Pacchis I know (Pacchi is 'Konkani' for Aunt, sorry I have a habit of anglicizing everything!). She's an absolute darling and will always greet you with the sweetest smile and the biggest hug. Even though she's one busy woman, she will exactly remember what was happening with you the last time and check up on you. Having said that, the most strongest aspect of her personality and what I admire about her, is her passion to empower Children with Special abilities. She's the Founder of CHILDRAISE, which is a Cross-Disability Organization committed to the Empowerment of Children with Special needs and Disability Issues. (FB Page - https://www.facebook.com/childraise?ref=br_tf). I wished to show my support for her resolve and absolute dedication to the cause. 

Since I love creating different makeup looks and recently took up 'Guest blogging' for different beauty blogs, I thought, what would be better than creating a Purple-themed makeup look to wear on March 26th, when ChildRaise celebrates Purple Day for Epilepsy! Here's what I created :-) 

Here's how I created this look - 

Base- I used the Lakme CC cream as a base on my face, concentrating on the areas that needed more coverage. I topped that off with the Blue Heaven Artisto Face Stylist Compressed Powder.

Eyes- I used a Lakme Absolute Plump and Shine lipgloss (that I dont use on my lips), as my eyeshadow primer. It helps the eyeshadow last longer. (Read how to use lipgloss as eyeshadow primer - Here). On top of that, I patted the Faces Canada Sparkle Dust in Purple all over the eyelid. To blend this in, I used the MakeUp Academy blush in Blushing Coral Shade 5, as a crease color (You can use any crease colour to blend this in, I wanted the Purple to stand out, so I used Pink). I finished the eyes, with a winged liner which I created using the Maybelline Colossal Liner.

Lips- Since the eyes were to be kept in focus in this look, I kept it simple with a lipgloss that has a soft rose tint to it. For this, I used the Streetwear ColorRich lipgloss in No.6 - Party Melon.

Although, these might seem like too many products, but they just go on, one after the other to create a simple, bright and summery look! 

If you feel a little overwhelmed with these many products, but still wish to sport Purple on March 26th, then apart from your outfit, you can incorporate any one strong element of Purple in your makeup - 
  • Faces Canada Sparkle Dust in 'Purple' for your eyes
  • Revlon Colorburst Matte LipBalm in the shade 'Shameless' on your lips OR 
  • Maybelline ColorShow nail colour in 'Lavender  Lies' or 'BlackCurrant Pop' on your nails.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Defined Eyes & Rosey Plum Lips - Makeup Look using March FabBag products

Hi Everyone,

I received my March FabBag yesterday. Tadaaaa! My March FabBag and the lovely products that came in it! Themed for Women's Day, the bag was full of natural products for makeup and skincare. 

I was so excited that I wanted to open up all the products and test them right away. But The Husband said, “Wait! Wouldn’t Baby D wanna “play” with your makeup too? Better wait until he’s off to school and you have your time to experiment with these!”. Now when your Man, holds back your over-excited self to give some great advice like this, you know you’ve married the right guy! Hehehe what say?

I waited and Gosh! It was great; I got plenty of time to create this look (Read - a good 15 mins without my toddler screaming Amma! Amma!). 

Here how I put together this look, with some of the March Fab Bag products, step by step –

  1.  I used the InVeda BB cream as a base. It doesn’t give enough coverage per se, actually leaves a slight grey cast when you apply it, but smells divine! I used my Maybelline Dream Lumi Touche Highlighter pen to conceal the undereyes, nose, cupid ’s bow and chin. If you wish, you can skip the highlighting and concealing step.
  2. Next I used the SoulTree Kajal in Pure Black to line the waterline. For the upper lashline, I used the Maybelline Collosal Eyeliner which I won in a recent YouTube giveaway. I have close-set eyes and it helps me give them an elongated look.
  3. Then I used the Palladio Lipstick in Rosey Plum on my lips. I loved the colour but wasn’t comfortable with gold, frosty finish. So I used my Maybelline Lip balm over the lipstick to give it a glossier look and eliminate the frosty gold finish.
  4. After having recently discovered my love for blush, I somehow can’t seem to do without it. I feel I am too pale anyway and with makeup and no blush, I look sick LOL. So I ran my ring-finger over the same lipstick and dabbed some on my cheek bones. Voila! Healthy flush!! **wink wink**

I’m yet to use the Sebastian Professional Hydre Shampoo & the Fashionography earrings from the bag, but I really liked the 3 products that I used viz. InVeda BB cream, SoulTree Kajal and the Palladio Lipstick!

This is a simple look with Defined eyes and Rosey Plum lips. It’s great for parties or special occasions and you can re-create this quick look when you’re pressed for time! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Simple Makeup without Makeup Brushes

Hi Everyone,

Many of my friends ask me about the brushes that I use to create different looks. I tell them about the ones I have and they seem pretty surprised that I have only a few.

I am no "Makeup Guru" but I can assure you that to create simple, easy and daily wear looks, You dont need to have brushes!!. Yes, now calm down Baalikey and listen...ahem sorry read on! The funda, my friend, is simple - I use my fingers :-) and that works quite well for me. Let me tell you how I created this Green Eyes & Lilac Lips look without the help of Makeup brushes. 

1.  FACE
a.   After cleansing, I used an oil-free moisturizer on my face to prep up the skin for the base makeup.
b.    Next, I used the warmth of my fingers to blend the Lakme CC Cream (Bronze) into my skin. This has become my absolute favourite for daily wear.
c.    I used the Chambor Radiant Touch Up Concealer on the dark circles under my eyes. Now although this concealer comes with an attached brush tip at the end, I took some product out on the back of my hand and used the ring-finger of the other hand to spread and blend this product under my eyes.
d.    Next, to set the base, I used the Chanel Illuminating Powder. I used this with an old sponge I had. This is the tricky part – applying powder to your face without a brush. You have 2 options – You can either use a sponge / powder puff, or simply use a foundation that sets to a powder finish (Lakme Absolute Mousse is a good foundation that does that).
e.    For blush, I used the Lakme Pure Rouge blush in Peach Affair. I lightly touched the blush palette with the middle 3 fingers of my hand and tapped them on my cheeks, where I wanted the blush to go. I blended the product by swiping in upward motions towards my temples and ears. Another option can be, to use Cheek stains instead of powder blushes.

2.    EYES –
a.    Revlon Shadow Links have small, easy to blend eye shadows that you can buy individually. I used the Khaki Green shade from this range on my eyes. I cleaned my fingers off the residue of the blush and used my ring finger to apply this shadow on my eyelids. Since the ring finger has the least pressure, it’s preferable to use it while swiping/applying the eye shadow. Your eyelids are saved from the tugging and pulling during application.
b.    For the crease area, I used the neutral brown shade from a local brand. I used my pointer finger to take this product & used ‘windshield wiper’ motions in the crease area, to blend the hard edges of the khaki green.
c.    Another tricky part is applying eyeliner without a teeny-tiny brush! No worries, I have a solution to that as well!! Use an eye kohl pencil instead. OK, so you have an eye pencil but it isn't the colour you want on your lash line? Then scribble with it on the back of your hand to make the tip a little blunt, so that you don't poke yourself in the eyes. Once done, dip this pencil into gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner (of your choice) and slowly line your eyes with it. Remember to stretch a little and hold, from the outer corners of your eyes. I did that and got a nice finish.

3.    LIPS –
a.    The easiest part!! No brush required at all!! **hehehe** Swipe the lipstick bullet on your lips and purse your lips to evenly spread out the colour. With the edge of the bullet, sharpen the corners and outlines of your lips. DONE!!! I have used the Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in the shade 01 Lilac for this step.

Hope this detailed step-by-step post helped some of you out. I’d like to part with my “2-rupees Gyan” (LOL nope I aint a KRK fan!).

1.       Don’t be intimidated by makeup brushes and feel the need to own one for every step of your makeup.
2.       If you still wish to own brushes, get 2  – A good foundation brush for a flawless finish & a good eye shadow blending brush. 

     That’s all you need as Basics, my friend!  CIAO!!!