Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Quick & Easy Makeup Look (6 products only)

Hi Everyone,

I'm here to share a very simple look that I created today & ended up really liking it :-) The best part is that I used very few products for it. Multi-task with these & you're done in about 10 mins!! It's something that you can quickly put together when you're pressed for time. Here's the finished look & how you can go about it - 

1. Concealer & Pressed Powder
2. Black Kohl & Mascara
3. Bronzing Highlighter & Lipstick

1. Concealer & Pressed Powder - Skip the foundation or BB cream & use the concealer only where required. I used the Derma Color concealer & blended it on the T-Zone (Above & between brows, bridge of the nose, under eyes, cupid's bow & chin). Set the concealer with any pressed powder; I used the Rimmel Stay Matte powder for this step

2. Black Kohl & Mascara - Using your ring finger or an eye shadow brush, first apply the bronzing highlighter as an eye shadow all across your moving eyelid. This step will bring the light to your eyes & make the kohl (to follow) stand out! :-) I used the Revlon Highlighting palette in 030 Bronze Glow.

Using the kohl, line your waterline & lower lashline; remember to go slightly thick on the lower lashline. I used the Lotus ColorKick Kajal here. To ensure the kohl stays put, pick up the darkest shade from the bronzing palette on a pencil brush & use it to smudge the kohl on the lower lashline. Pick up more eyeshadow & repeat this if required as the eyeshadow will combine with kohl and hold it in place. The idea in this look is to skip using any liquid liner as it requires a certain amount of precision & time as well. Bring out the lower lashline with thickly lined kohl :-) Add 2 -3 coats of mascara to the lashes (I used the Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara) & later fill out the brows with the same kohl to complete the eyes (brows & mascara are optional steps!). 

I feel the thick kohl looks great from behind my glasses too & brings out my eyes... I wonder why 'silly me' completely forgot to click a picture with my glasses on .. **face palm** .. will put a pic up on my Instagram page soon... Follow me HERE.

3. Bronzing Highlighter & Lipstick - With a blush brush, apply the bronzer/highlighter to the apples of your cheeks & finish off the lips with your favourite shade of lipstick!! :-) I used the Sephora Color Lip Last lipstick in Meet My Pink (No.21).

This will most probably be my last post in 2015 :-) Before bidding goodbye to this year & stepping into the next one, I'd just like to say Thank-You for all the love & support you have shown to my lil blog. I started blogging just this year & I'm so overwhelmed to see the amount of appreciation that's been pouring in. It really means a lot to me!

For me, Makeup means 'Having Fun'! It makes me feel like a kid in an Arts & Crafts store. Makeup for me is about about playing around with colours, creating something new every time, being happy, creative & confident :-) Having said that, I'm confident even without a speck of Makeup on my face. So let's always remember, with or without Makeup - 

You are beautiful, You are YOU....Don't let anything change that :-) 

Have an amazing 2016!! Happy New Year!! 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Fall-inspired Party Makeup Look

Hi Everyone,

Today I'm here to share a quick makeup look that I created, inspired by the dull Greens & warm, autumnal Browns of Fall. I know there's no Fall in India, but let's just roll with it ;-)

Here's how I did it - 

1. Base - If you already don't know how I do this, then you MUST visit the blog more often..lol ;) After moisturizing my face, I applied the Lakme CC cream all over, concealed using Derma Color Concealer & set the base with Rimmel London Stay Matte powder.

2. Eyes - I used all of the colors on the right hand side of the Comfot Zone palette by Wet 'n' Wild. Dabbed the frosted green 'Eyelid' shade all over the eyelid & used the moss green 'Crease' shade in the outer corner of the eye to give it some depth. I used the 'Browbone' shade from the palette to highlight the area beneath the brows.

Then, I lined the upper lashline with Sugar 'Eye Told You So' eyeliner & the lower lash line with Lakme Eyeconic Blue kajal to offset the greens on the eyes. Finished the brows with my MUA eyebrow pencil in 'Brown'.

3. Cheeks - I used the 'Pearlescent Pink' blush by Wet 'n' Wild (which is a supposed dupe for the NARS Orgasm blush) & topped it off with the Wet 'n' Wild Rose Champagne Glow highlighter which I've been loving lately.

4. Lips - I mixed an old Oriflame pinkish lipliner with Maybelline Colorsensational 'Bronze Orange' lipstick which is quite a cult favourite when it comes to n*de lipsticks.

This look doesn't need the same products I've used & can be easily re-created if you have similar shades in your makeup stash :-) You could also create this look for your upcoming NewYear's bash!! 

Hope you liked this quick makeup look! :-) Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Until the next post...Ciao!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

'SOAPER HEROES' by Soap & Glory - Review

Hi Everyone,

This post has been long overdue & today I just had to sit down & complete it, to share it with all of you! 

I have watched reviews & skincare videos which include Soap & Glory products & these got me very curious about the brand. I felt like if not anything else, I must definitely pick up something from Soap & Glory on my first trip to Sephora this year (ahem...in August).

I brought home the Soap & Glory 'SOAPER HEROES' set.. lol clever play on words there! ;-) The set has 5 different best-selling products, all in convenient, travel-friendly sizes. After having tried out all of them, for over 3 months now, here's what I think about them :-)

Price : Around Rs.1800/- (... Rs.1820/- if I'm not mistaken...)

Packaging : The packaging is totally adorable & vintage-y! Extremely girly, this packaging is sure to catch any shopaholic's roving eye ;-) The products come tucked safely into a thin plastic moulding which has 'SG' embossed all over it. This gorgeous little gift-box contains small travel-sized versions of Soap & Glory's bestselling products. Let's go through them one by one...!!

1. GIRLIGO Scented Moisturizing Body Mist - 100ml
This body mist has found a permanent place on the side-table in our living room. Why? Cuz it's spray mechanism comes in handy when I have exactly 0.256 seconds to moisturize dry elbows, knees, spots on a 3.5yr old hurricane!! Also, the product doesn't really come out as a mist, it sprays out but settles on the skin like any other moisturizer & has to be blended into the skin with your hands. Having said that, it's quite easily blend-able into the skin & the skin feels nice & soft after using this. Girligo might have a 'girly' name but is much loved by my lil macho man..!!

THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER body butter - sorry I couldnt click this earlier :-(
2. THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER Body Butter - 50ml
One of my favs from this set & a definite re-purchase next time around, would be this Body Butter. With the original Soap & Glory scent, this body butter has a clean & fresh fragrance. Deeply moisturizes the skin without getting greasy. Freshly showered skin soaks up the rich buttery cream and is left soft & supple for the whole day. Love this one!! Recently done with this :-( 

3. FLAKE AWAY Scrub - 50ml
I love the fact that I got this in a small tub that's totally travel-friendly :-) I have used it once every week from the time I have bought it. It's a yummy-smelling scrub with the original Soap & Glory scent. The sugar-like granules are tough but not harsh on the skin. I recommend mixing the scrub with your finger once before using it, in fact I'd say mix it every time before you use it; the oily base tends to separate and come up once the tub is left unused for some time :-) (see pic). This doesn't hamper the product in anyway but mixing it once before application, will ensure all the ingredients combine to give you a great effect!! 

CLEAN ON ME Creamy Shower Gel, HAND FOOD Hand Cream
GIRLIGO Scented Moisturizing Body Mist
4. CLEAN ON ME Skin Softening Shower Gel - 75ml 
Can I just say this has become a family favourite? Our family loved this one so much that I had to pick up a bigger, full-size bottle of 'Clean On Me' when I again went to Sephora in Nov :-) They've stuck to the original SG scent on this one but without making it totally girly!! The body wash is creamy, runny & leaves the skin feeling thoroughly cleansed yet absolutely moisturized... a saviour in the winters!! Full size bottle restocked already ;-)

5. HAND FOOD Hand Cream - 50ml 
I have been guilty of not using this, as much as the other products. I have no excuse other than I'm slightly forgetful when it comes to hand creams. I dont remember to keep re-applying them everytime, after washing my hands. I have used this cream only at nights before I go to bed. It's thick, rich & very moisturizing. Must try for anyone who loves soft, smooth hands...

Soap & Glory is a brand that isn't easily available in India. So the next time, you spot Soap & Glory, be sure to pick up at least one product to try it out! I got the CLEAN ON ME Creamy Shower Gel for my Sis-In-Law - V & highly recommend that you get your hands on that one first. It'll surely make you want to get more from this brand. 

I apologize for the delay once again...this post should have come in Oct itself & it didn't :-) Hope you liked this post.. do leave me your comments in the 'comments section' below. Have you tried any Soap & Glory products before? Tell me all about them..!!

Until the next post...Ciao!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Makeup Revolution Baked Blush in 'Loved Me the Best' (Review)

Hi Everyone,

Today I'm going to share a quick review on the Makeup Revolution Baked Blush in 'Loved Me the Best'I picked this lil guy up from a blog sale along with a couple of other makeup items. I don't own too many blushes, but from the ones I own, I've been wearing this one very often this winter.

 'Loved Me the Best' has a beautiful blend of swirls of champagne, pink & berry tones. It's finely milled with medium pigmentation. On my oily/combination skin, this stays on for about 4hrs. If you prefer to layer powder blushes on top of cream ones then you'll surely get a longer wear-time out of this :-)

I prefer to wear this blush with deeper lipsticks. 'Loved Me the Best' seems to compliment deep pinks & red lipsticks better. The blush would suit light to medium skin tones however it wouldn't show up well on the rich, chocolate hues of dusky beauties & that's the only drawback of this blush that I can seem to point out. 

Have you tried out any Makeup Revolution blushes? Which ones are your favourites? Do let me know your thoughts & preferences.

Until the next post, Ciao...!!!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Berries & Blue Makeup Look

Hi Everyone,

With some extra responsibilities at home, I'm finding it slightly tricky to spend time blogging :-) So I've decided to write shorter, more concise posts for some time. Hope that's alright with all of you & hope you'll give these as much love, as the other more detailed posts!! Thank you :-)

Today, let's see how you can re-create this 'Berries & Blue' Makeup Look (don't judge me, I'm horrible at naming Makeup looks lol..!!) -

1. Face - Moisturize your face & dab on concealer where required. I applied Chambor Radiant Touch concealer on under-eyes, around the nose, chin & between the brows. Set this with a compact of your choice; I've used the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. Your base makeup is in place!

2. Eyes - Line your eyes with kajal, any black kajal will do. A blue one, actually will work great! Now take a blue eye shadow on a smudger brush & smudge out the kajal. The eye shadow will stick on to the kajal & stay on for hours. I used the Lotus Herbal ColorKick Kajal & BeABombshell eye shadow quad that I had received in my Fab Bag. Next, fill in your brows if required. I have used the MakeUp Academy Brow pencil in Brown.

3. Lips - Use any deep berry shade on the lips. I've used MAC Fashion Revival lipstick for this look. It's a beautiful matte shade but I've topped it off with gloss, just for fun! :-) Other lipsticks that I have tried to pair up with blue eyes are - Lakme Creaseless lipstick in 'Wine Order' & Chambor Extreme Matte lipstick in 'Indulgent Bordeaux' .. these are wine & burgundy shades which also go very well with the eyes :-)

4. Optional - To balance out the bright eyes & deep berry on the lips, I used the Elf Contour & Highlight duo, which my friend Krupa from IshtyleAWhile passed on to me in a recent 'makep swap'. You can use a neutral blush like Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Creamy Cinnamon to do this. You can also skip this step if you wish, to make the eyes & lips stand out.

Products used in the look
It's a no-fuss, no-eye shadow look that you can create in a matter of minutes :-) Hope you liked this quick look that I created.

Until the next post, Ciao!!!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Wet 'n' Wild Haul & Review

Hi Everyone,

If you follow me on Instagram (HERE), you'd already know that my very sweet Sis-In-Law V, indulged me with some Wet n' Wild products while she was on vacation in the States. She knew the 'Budget product Junkie' in me would love some drugstore products & what better than some W&W products to pamper me!! Special thanks & warm hugs going out to her on this post...Thank you Baby!

So with some refreshing Green tea to give me company, I'm ready to share my haul with you today :-) Let's begin -

1. 'Take On the Day Eyeshadow Primer' from the Fergie Centerstage Collection

The smallest wonder of this entire haul but a good one at that! This lil primer potion comes out pearly but blends clear on application. It brightens up the eyelid & forms a smooth base. It ensures that my eyeshadow lasts for a good 6-7hrs & keeps them from creasing on my oily eyelids.

2. Wet 'n' Wild ColorIcon Blush in 'Pearlescent Pink 831E'

I had read online that this lil blush was a drugstore-dupe for the very famous 'Orgasm' by NARS. Since I don't own the NARS one, I cant really say anything about the claim. All I know is that Pearlescent Pink gives a nice, warm flush to the cheeks, while looking absolutely natural. It has a smooth finish on applicaton thanks to being finely milled, but that also means that you've got to be careful while dipping your blush brush in it - this baby can go everywhere if you arent careful!

3. Wet 'n' Wild Megalast Lipstick in 'Cherry Picking 965'

Cherry Picking is a stunning deep pink true to its name! I have a ton of pinks in my lipstick collection, but I've never owned a shade like this one... yay for me ;-) It's semi-matte on application & dries a bit after some time. True to it's name, it's really 'megalasting' & has a wear time of around 5+ hrs on me. It does transfer a bit while having a meal or drinking water, but that doesn't affect the shade on the lips...it stains the lips & somehow manages to look as pigmented as it was on application. This is one Va-Va-Voom shade ... go for it if you love bright lips!

4. 'Rose Champagne Glow Highlighter A045' from the Fergie Centerstage Collection

This beauty has become my one of my favourites of this entire haul :-) Rose Champagne Glow gives me the softest glow ever & it great for daily use. I haven't tried it on 'evenings out' yet but I'm sure it's going to rock even there. The amount of product one gets would last for a very long time & the highlighter itself is very long-lasting! In the packaging, it's yummy looking swirl of champagne, rose- gold & pink shades, which gives me a natural glow without looking like a streak of light on the face. Absolutely loving this one...a must-try!! Wearing Rose Champagne Glow HERE.

5. Wet 'n' Wild ColorIcon 8 eyeshadows palette in 'Comfort Zone 738'

'Comfort Zone' has been featured in a lot of Wet 'n' Wild must-try lists. I was very excited to try out this palette & it definitely hasn't let me down. Typically Wet 'n' Wild, this palette comes coded with Browbone, Eyelid, Crease & Definer shades, so it becomes easy for a beginner to try them out...it's a no brainer! For those who love to experiment, you can swap around the shades to create  different looks :-) Let me know if you'd like me to do a detailed review of this product, I'd be happy to do that!! Wearing a look created by the Comfot Zone palette HERE

Overall, I'm very happy with my haul...thanks again to dear V for getting these for me! There are a number of sellers on Instagram who deal in W&W products, but along with the shipping & margin, these babies turn out to be quite expensive :-( However, if you do get your hands on any of these, you will not regret it...the quality of these products is really good & can give my 'slightly high-end' alternatives, a run for their money!! :-)

Do you own any Wet 'n' Wild products? Which ones are your favourites? Do leave me your thoughts about this post too, in the comments section below.

Until the next post, Ciao!!!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Day-time Bronze Makeup Look

Hello Everyone,

Feels awesome to back at my home computer and blog away to glory!! I apologize for being away for this long & want to send my love to everyone who messaged me, wondering where I have been :-) You have been so sweet in your messages, telling me you're missing the blog & asking me to come back soon... I'm doing something right for sure :-) Thank you again for all the love & support..!!

I've been travelling for a month & have been missing my lil blog terribly :-) Now when there's travelling, there HAS to be some shopping right? So you're sure to see some haul posts coming up soon. Since I'm posting today after such a long time, I didnt want to start off with a review, so I'm going to start with something that I love doing more...creating simple, easy to wear looks & sharing it with you guys :-) I was in a mood to wear something subtle on the lips (...for a change LOL you all know I'm crazy about BOLD lip colours...hehehe) & here's what I put together yesterday.

Let me tell you how I went about it - 


Derma Color concealer, Rimmel London Stay Matte powder,
Garnier BB Cream & Lakme CC Cream
1. After moisturizing my face, I dabbed on a mix of the Garnier BB Cream & the Lakme CC cream. I've been loving this combo - the Lakme CC cream is great for coverage, while the Garnier BB cream makes it a little more runnier & easy to apply. 

2. I then dabbed on the Derma Color concealer in D65 to the undereye area and around the nose to conceal any redness on my face. If you have dry skin, then you can skip the step, but I finished off the base makeup with my fav Rimmel London Stay Matte powder in 005 Silky Beige, since I have oily skin.

Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Creamy Cinnamon &
Wet 'n' Wild Rose Champagne highlighter
3. Then I applied the Maybelline Cheeky Glow blush in Creamy Cinnamon; this blush is great for everyday wear & I love using it during day-time. Another product that has become a fav since I got it, is the Wet 'n' Wild Fergie Rose Champagne Glow highlighter, which gives the softest glow ever!! This one, you can't go wrong with & will definitely suit light to medium skin tones. I applied this to the high points of my face - cheek bones, bridge of the nose, cupid's bow (right above the upper lip) & chin.


Wet 'n' Wild palette in Comfort Zone
1. I mixed the (left row) 'Definer' & (right row) 'Crease' shades from the Wet 'n' Wild Comfort Zone palette & used them as a wash of bronze on the eyelids, as I wanted a 'one-shadow' look that day. You can use any bronzey, warm shade you like. To brighten up the inner corner of the eyes, I used the (left row) 'Browbone' shade from the same palette.

2. I had a no eyeliner look in mind, so I just lined the lower lashline with the Lakme Eyeconic kajal in Black, to give them some definition.

Miss Claire Color Rich lipstick in No.40
I applied the Miss Claire lipstick in no.40 (which I feel is a close dupe for Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in 'Bare'). It's a *ude shade with rosy undertones. I felt it went really well with the overall look. 

Hope you liked this post! Apologies once again, for being away for such a long time...it sure feels great to be back :-)

Until the next post, Ciao!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

StudioWest Haul & Review (Skincare)

Hi Everyone,

I had been wanting to get my hands on some of the StudioWest products ever since they were launched recently. Somehow, my timings didn't allow me to get to the mall & I settled only to see their pictures on other blogger profiles on Instagram :-P. One of the long weekends, around 3 weeks ago, I had a few errands to run & some shopping to do so I decided to check out the StudioWest line as well.

I almost missed the StudioWest counter thanks to the MOB of ladies there...LOL Do I blame them? Nope! If I had been there 15 mins early, I'd be a part of that MOB as well ;-) My disclaimer / apologies before you read on - This post does not have any makeup products as I didn't pick up any. I usually don't pick up makeup without swatching & that particular day, it was too crowded for me to stand, swatch & buy. :-) So here's what I randomly picked up from their skincare counter -

StudioWest Radiance Aloe Vera & Green Apple Deodorant Body Spray (Rs.185/-) :

StudioWest Radiance Aloe Vera & Green Apple Deodorant Body Spray
The spray scent is fresh & 'citrus-y'. If you like Green Apple as a scent, you'll definitely love this one! It has a lovely combination of Green Apple & Aloe Vera; you wont feel that one of the scents over-powers the other one. It reminds of summer & I'd have loved to use this during that time, if only they'd launched earlier this year ;-) I have been using this every single day since I bought it. The deodorant hasn't caused any burning sensation or inflammation to my skin, in fact I'd say it's mild but still very effective. The product stays on my skin for about 5-6 hrs even on an 'excessively sweaty' day.. lol sorry to gross you out but hey! I'm reviewing a deodorant right? ;-) I can only say I love the product & this will be a definite repurchase!!

StudioWest Radiance Aloe Vera & Green Apple Nourishing Body Butter (Rs.399/-) :

StudioWest Radiance Aloe Vera & Green Apple Nourishing Body Butter
This one was a slight disappointment...for a couple of reasons. First, the body butter fragrance does not match the deodorant :-( I was hoping that just like The Body Shop, an entire range will have the same fragrance irrespective of the product for eg. TBS Strawberry Body Butter & TBS Strawberry Body wash have the same scent. The Aloe Vera & Green Apple Nourishing Body Butter by StudioWest doesn't smell anything like the deodorant that I love!! The body butter has a more tangy, more sour fragrance which is a slight turn-off when you try & take a whiff from the tub. Once applied and blended into the skin, the sour fragrance goes away. Now I don't know if I got a bad batch, or they made it that way, but for a person like me, who loves "anything Green Apple", the Body Butter scent makes me cringe just a bit when I am using it.

Second, this Body Butter takes much more time to blend into the skin. Again, I've used TBS Body butters & my skin tends to soak them up quickly, but this one takes time to blend in. The trick I have discovered is to leave it as is, in the last leg of blending it in. If I keep it that way for a min or two on my legs & move to my hands, I see later that the product on the legs has been absorbed on its own & the skin is well-moisturized! It's very weird lol please don't ask me why that happens, I wont be able to explain why since I haven't done this with any other body butters I've used :-) I will be definitely finishing this one off for sure since I have bought it for 399/-, but will not be repurchasing it in the future! P.S. - The Body Butter tub doesn't even have a picture of Green Apple anywhere...isnt that a little weird? :-|

Overall I feel, I've had only 50% luck in this haul since I only bought two products. I'm yet to check out their makeup products & will keep you all posted on Instagram, when I haul some! Speaking of Instagram, here's a quick look at the pic I posted there raving about their nail colour. My friend S, whom I'd been shopping with, passed it on to me from her haul. I remember to have applied it on a Saturday & apart from slight chipping at the cuticles, this baby didn't budge till Thursday!! :-) This nail colour wasnt technically part of my haul, but since it's a really nice quality nail colour, I just had to share it with all of you! The nail colours get a 'Thumbs up' from me!!

StudioWest Maaya Nail Colour in Silver Saga
(Applied on Saturday; pic taken next week on Thursday)
Hope you liked this quick review & it helps you in some way when you go shopping next time! :-)

Until the next post, Ciao!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Durga Pooja Makeup Look

Hi Everyone,

Today I'm here to share a makeup look that I created for Durga Pooja. The festive season is a busy time & this look is simple, easy & quick to create if you've not had a chance to plan your look :-) I have kept the focus on the red bindi & red lips, trying to build the rest of the makeup around these signature features. Hope you like it...

Here's how I went about creating this look - 

Base Makeup:

After moisturizing my face, I applied the NYX Photo Loving Primer (purple variant for anti-dullness) & waited for it to settle. Then I used my HG "foundation" the Lakme CC Cream & set it with the Rimmel London Stay Matte powder. I swear I've not been reaching out for foundations at all & I've already gone through almost 10 tubes of the Lakme CC Cream :-P I used the Derma Color Camouflage concealer under my eyes to cover up the dark circles. (PS - Since I had about 20 mins before my lil tornado would get up from his afternoon siesta, I unknowingly missed out on clicking a couple of products. In this pic, the RL Stay Matte Powder :-( )

Eye Makeup:

I primed my eyes with this liquid eyeshadow from the tube; you can skip this step but I wanted some base for my eyeshadow could hold on to. I used the 'pinkish' shade on the right, from the Faces Canada eyeshadow duo & dabbed it in the inner half of my eyelid. On the outer half, I wanted something deeper, so I used the Calvin Klein brown eyeshadow to create a V-shape on the outer half. Went all out with my fav Sugar Cosmetics eyeliner in 'Eye Told You So' to create a winged eye. With the Lakme Eyeconic kohl in Black, I lined the lower lashline & later smugded it out with the same CK eyeshadow so that it doesnt budge. I used the MUA eyebrow pencil in brown to fill out my eyebrows. (Missed out of clicking the Sugar Cosmetics eyeliner, Lakme Eyeconic Kajal & MUA eyebrow pencil... sorry :-( plz dont kill me! You can use any liner, kajal or brow pencil you might have.)

Lips & Cheeks:

I used my one of my favourite red lipsticks, 'Pure Rouge' from the Pure Reds Collection by L'Oreal Paris. This is the famous Freida Pinto shade :-) I applied the Makeup Revolution baked blush in 'Loved Me Best' which has a reddish tone, since I wanted to tie in the bright red bindi & lipstick.

Finishing touches:

I applied a bright red bindi which I was very skeptical about at first. I have a round face already & I didn't know if this would suit me, but when I saw my pictures later, I felt it looked really nice & come on...this look would NEVAAA been complete without the signature red bindi!! It's an absolute MUST & I love it :-) I brought out my festive earrings (they're really heavy & I dont wear them often) to bring the look together. 

I really liked how the look turned out. The red-pink toned makeup, the bindi & the lipstick, the gold from the earrings...everything just seamlessly blended together!! The best part is that you can use the products that you might already have & re-create this look.

Hope you liked this post. What's your favourite feature to play up during Durga Pooja? The eyes, lips, blush or face? Leave me your comments below ... I'd love to know your thoughts :-)

Until the next post...Ciao!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

October Fab Bag 2015 - Review

Hi Everyone,

I'm here to share my thoughts on the October FabBag today. I received this bag right in the beginning of this month, so I promise not to crib about 'delayed delivery' in this post ;-) Good Job Team FabBag!! As I've had my time to use these products & form an opinion, let's quickly get into the review...

Themed as "Get Set to Celebrate", this month I received a beautiful, ethnic looking bag in vibrant, truly-Indian colours! Pink & Red are totally apt for the festive season & I was happy to get yet another bag that can be actually used as a clutch for those special occasions when I choose to wear Indian outfits! Without any fuss of zips etc, this time the bag is shaped like a traditional pouch with a button and loop to fasten it shut. 

The very 'festive' October Fab Bag
1. Palladio Eye Shadow Quad in 'Blue Suede':
Tell me this isn't gorgeous! Come on, I dare you ;-) lol And the best part is, I got to choose it to be a part of my Fab Bag..!! This is the one product I honestly haven't touched as yet...its so beautiful, I'm afraid I'm gonna mess it up. Having used Palladio shadows before, I know for sure that they're decently pigmented & extremely easy to use. You need very little to create a vibrant look. Waiting to create an eye look with this baby & share with all of you! I feel I've been gravitating too much towards Blue this year (check out my Instagram account for different makeup looks - HERE), this time I want to try something different with this quad!

Palladio Eye Shadow Quad in 'Blue Suede'
2. Nyassa Tiramisu Body Scrub:
Look at the little tub and you'd know if I liked this one or not ;-) LOVED it! If you love Chocolate or Coffee or Tiramisu, or ALL of them, you'd surely like this exotic scrub. It leaves the skin feeling nicely polished...exfoliated yet moisturized! Since it's finely granulated, it's gentle & not harsh like a walnut scrub is. One of my favs in this month's bag... I'm going to finish this sooon!! I hope I still have some left to use on 28th Oct, which is 'National Chocolate Day' BTW!! (did you know? I didn't!)

Nyassa Tiramisu Body Scrub
2. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion:
Palmer's is usually raved about & seems to have worked very well for a lot of people. I like it but its nothing to write home about (completely my opinion!!). It's particularly nice for my dry heels & elbows. It's slightly greasy to be used as an overall Body lotion & I'm currently using the Parachute Advansed Coconut Milk lotion which I'm quite happy with. For the face, I feel the Cocoa Butter Formula is going to be too greasy for my already-oily skin. I'm thinking of holding on to this one for the winter months; maybe I'll like it better then, dunno!!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion
3. Spa Ceylon White Jasmine Facial Masque:
Another fav from this bag, the masque is great for quick 10-min pampering sessions. I find it slightly strange that its very thick in consistency for a masque; so much so that I can hardly pick it up with my fingers. I used a small spoon to dig into it just like you'd 'dig' into an ice-cream tub! Oooh Ice cream!!...no wait I'm getting distracted. Coming back to the masque, it cleanses & refreshes the skin throroughly. Although it leaves my skin a bit dry after I take it off, I don't worry too much because I use the Kama Ayurveda Rose Water Facial Mist to re-hydrate. Overall, I really like the masque & its lovely Jasmine fragrance!

Spa Ceylon White Jasmine Facial Masque
A slight bummer this month was that the Team sent only 4 products instead of the usual 5. Since they pampered us with the 3rd Anniversary September Fab Bag, I'd overlook that bit ;-) I really like this month's bag as well, I feel the Team's really upping their game month after month. Apart from sometimes sticking to the usual suspects, they're introducing new brands every month; this month they've brought us Spa Ceylon & Palmer's. Keep up the good work Team Fab Bag!!

Get Set to Celebrate!!
Hope you liked this review! Are you subscribed to Fab Bag? What were your favs from this month? Do leave me comments below.

Until the next post, Ciao!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Festive Makeup Look (Budget Products)

Hi Everyone,

I was feeling a little creative today and wanted to play around with my makeup to create a Festive look for the season. After creating the look, I realized that all the products I used are really affordable brands which are easily available in stores or online. The shades are so versatile that you can continue to use them even after the festive season is over!! I know I do ;-) So I thought of sharing this quick post.

I want to keep this post short & sweet without going into too much detail. Just a simple breakdown on how you can re-create this look :-) so here goes :

Once you have cleansed & moisturized your face, blend a CC Cream to create a clear base. I'm not using the word 'flawless' here since I haven't used a concealer or anything else to cover up my blemishes.I wanted to keep this absolutely simple!! Now, set the base, with some powder. I have oily skin & hence used a mattifying powder. If you have dry skin & wish to skip this step, that's okay too. Use a neutral blush on the apples of your cheek. A neutral shade lets the eyes & lips take centre-stage! I used the following products for this step - 
  • Lakme CC Cream - Rs.250/- 
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder - Rs.250/- (read HERE)
  • Maybelline CheekyGlow in Creamy Cinammon - Rs.275/-

Festive season calls for some Gold on the eyes. Dab on a gold eyeshadow on the moving part of the eyelid & blend some brown into the crease for a smooth transition. Line the upper lashline with a liquid eyeliner to define the eyes. You can further intensify the eyes with Kajal on the lower lashline. I haven't taken the kajal all the way into the inner corner as this tends to make my eyes look smaller. I used the following products for this step - 
  • Revlon Shadowlinks - Copper (golden shade) Rs.175/- 
  • Revlon Shadowlinks - Java (brown shade) Rs.175/-
  • Lotus ColorKick Kajal - Rs.199/- (read HERE)
  • Elle 18 Black Out liner - Rs.85/-
A bold red lip would mostly suit all your outfits :-) Apply some red lipstick to complete this Festive Makeup look. Some other affordable options in Red can be found in the Streetwear Lipstick range; they have at least 5 different, very beautiful hues of Red lipstick...my fav one being the shade 'Very Vampire' (read HERE). If Red isn't for you, then a good idea would be to wear something neutral as this will make the Gold on the eyes stand out. For this look however I have used a red lipstick - 
  • Miss Claire soft matte lip cream in No.10 (Deep Red) - Rs.195/-

Pair this look with some pretty earrings & a bindi for a desi touch! ;-) Hope you try out this Festive Makeup look with some of these readily available & most importantly, budget-friendly products! Save those bucks & spend on your loved ones, this season! Let me know if you liked this concept, I'd love to create more Festive looks with Budget products, for you :-) 

NotePrices mentioned in this post were applicable when I bought these products. They may slightly vary now. Given the online discounts during the festive season, these products will still be very reasonably priced.

Until the next post, Ciao..!!!