Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Quick & Easy Makeup Look (6 products only)

Hi Everyone,

I'm here to share a very simple look that I created today & ended up really liking it :-) The best part is that I used very few products for it. Multi-task with these & you're done in about 10 mins!! It's something that you can quickly put together when you're pressed for time. Here's the finished look & how you can go about it - 

1. Concealer & Pressed Powder
2. Black Kohl & Mascara
3. Bronzing Highlighter & Lipstick

1. Concealer & Pressed Powder - Skip the foundation or BB cream & use the concealer only where required. I used the Derma Color concealer & blended it on the T-Zone (Above & between brows, bridge of the nose, under eyes, cupid's bow & chin). Set the concealer with any pressed powder; I used the Rimmel Stay Matte powder for this step

2. Black Kohl & Mascara - Using your ring finger or an eye shadow brush, first apply the bronzing highlighter as an eye shadow all across your moving eyelid. This step will bring the light to your eyes & make the kohl (to follow) stand out! :-) I used the Revlon Highlighting palette in 030 Bronze Glow.

Using the kohl, line your waterline & lower lashline; remember to go slightly thick on the lower lashline. I used the Lotus ColorKick Kajal here. To ensure the kohl stays put, pick up the darkest shade from the bronzing palette on a pencil brush & use it to smudge the kohl on the lower lashline. Pick up more eyeshadow & repeat this if required as the eyeshadow will combine with kohl and hold it in place. The idea in this look is to skip using any liquid liner as it requires a certain amount of precision & time as well. Bring out the lower lashline with thickly lined kohl :-) Add 2 -3 coats of mascara to the lashes (I used the Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara) & later fill out the brows with the same kohl to complete the eyes (brows & mascara are optional steps!). 

I feel the thick kohl looks great from behind my glasses too & brings out my eyes... I wonder why 'silly me' completely forgot to click a picture with my glasses on .. **face palm** .. will put a pic up on my Instagram page soon... Follow me HERE.

3. Bronzing Highlighter & Lipstick - With a blush brush, apply the bronzer/highlighter to the apples of your cheeks & finish off the lips with your favourite shade of lipstick!! :-) I used the Sephora Color Lip Last lipstick in Meet My Pink (No.21).

This will most probably be my last post in 2015 :-) Before bidding goodbye to this year & stepping into the next one, I'd just like to say Thank-You for all the love & support you have shown to my lil blog. I started blogging just this year & I'm so overwhelmed to see the amount of appreciation that's been pouring in. It really means a lot to me!

For me, Makeup means 'Having Fun'! It makes me feel like a kid in an Arts & Crafts store. Makeup for me is about about playing around with colours, creating something new every time, being happy, creative & confident :-) Having said that, I'm confident even without a speck of Makeup on my face. So let's always remember, with or without Makeup - 

You are beautiful, You are YOU....Don't let anything change that :-) 

Have an amazing 2016!! Happy New Year!! 


  1. Lovely look dear :) Kryolan is my fav brand after Colourpop ;)

    1. Absolutely dear! Derma Color has somehow become my HG concealer :-)

  2. It might sound tacky, but your cheeks look so gorgeous and the skin so supple that I actually want to touch it.
    I love every looks you create.

    1. Hahaha so sweet ya you are Niv! It's all thanks to the Revlon highlighter (in this one) & Wet & Wild Rose Champagne highlighter in other looks. Have you started using the W&W one? I'm so excited to know how you like it!!