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  1. Hey Neha. My skin is giving me loads of trouble lately after being diagnosed with thyroid. It's become very dry and develops rashes sometimes and at times its very oily.. No ointments suit me as my skin is very sensitive. Pls suggest some daily regime that I follow

    1. Hi Neeta, I might not be the correct person to answer a skin issue related to thyroid, but here are some small tips I can offer, hope they help! Always keep yourself hydrated from within by drinking lots of water. Focus on keeping skin clean. If you wear even lil makeup, always take it off before going to bed.

      For oily skin days, keep excess oil off by using facial wipes during the day & for dry ones, keep an oil-free moisturiser handy to re-apply during work since the AC can rip the skin off moisture at times. Take care and consult a dermatologist for specific care :-) TC dear