Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 2015 Fab Bag - Review

Hey Everyone!

I had placed my order for the April Fab Bag on 2nd April and received it on 22nd April this month. As always I was excited about the bag, but this time around a little more as I was waiting for the City Color Blush to be a part of the goodies. Turns out it was a limited period offer :-(

The bag this month is a funky Zebra printed bag, which makes for a very nice makeup pouch in itself. I'm not sure of the material exactly, but it has a nice finish and looks tough enough to be water-proof. The theme this month is 9-to-9 Beauty secrets, so basically they mean to say that with these products, you're all set for the whole day!

Let's see what I received and try to see when they'll come in handy during a day -

1. Malavara Lime Vetiver Body Wash & Body Lotion -

Needless to say a nice way to start your day is with a body wash and lotion that have a fresh, lemony fragrance to kick start your day this summer! I cant seem to sleep early nowadays even if my toddler goes to bed early (I'd like to thanks Instagram and Facebook for the Dark Circles award I receive today!!). This body wash and lotion will definitely wake up the 'Sleepy-Me' in the mornings. Shower? Check! Now for the Hair...

2. Denman Volumizing Hair Brush - 

This brush is said to volumize your hair when used in a C-shaped movement, while you blow dry your hair. I ain't the blow-drying kinda person and I dont need more volume for sure. I have thin hair which somehow looks voluminous by itself LOL dont ask me how, I have absolutely no idea!! So this brush was graciously passed on to the Husband, who is a MAN after all and doesn't care about volume, flow and all that jazz. As long as he's got a comb, he's good! Aaah MEN!! So anyway, hair done, now for the FACE...

3. Bella Pierre Cosmetics Mineral Powder Foundation in Cinnamon - 

This one was a tad bit disappointing for 2 reasons - 1. I got this in place of the blush I was lusting after and 2.It's wayyy too light for me (like am not pale enough already!!) LOL but its okay, I'll try and make this work for me. Will keep you posted on this one in future. For women on the go, if you get a good color match on this, its absolutely quick to apply and being a mineral foundation, it most probably wont break you out. Face done, to start your day...

4. Iraya Manjishtha Eye Contour Gel - 

Undoubtedly, my favourite in this month's bag! It's got a lovely, calming fragrance which is wonderful. When applied in the under-eye area, it has a nice, cold feeling to it. I do need to give it more time to validate the 'minimizes dark circles' claim. Although, I have been sleeping late, I've been sleeping well thanks to this product. No under-eye puffiness and I feel well-rested. Ahh, Good Night everyone...

Wait! What? I was writing a post, right? lol sorry, got distracted there...well to end it all, I'd like to say that the 'Themed bags' concept by FabBag is really nice. It gives me a lot to look forward to. I was just telling my Sis-in-law, that I am surprised at myself for liking their skin care range so much, be it the Dead Sea mask and the Splurge saffron moisturiser (Jan 2015), Kama Ayurveda Soap free cleanser or Kama Night Cream (Feb 2015) or the InVeda BB cream (March 2015). Good Job Team FabBag! 

So until the next post, Adios Amigos!


  1. Their skincare is definitely better than the makeup they send.. I realised I've too many product reviews pending so I decided to not subscribe to Fabbag for a while till I get the reviews done.

    1. You're an Ace with reviews gurl! Cant wait for the reviews on your blog :-) I agree with the Fabbag skin care being better than makeup...only once in a while they send mind-blowing products like the LA Splash Lip Cotoure, which is one of my fav things they sent's hoping to more products that we love!!