Wednesday, June 10, 2015

May 2015 Fab Bag - Review

Hey Everyone!

I'm back after a short vacay in Mangalore :-) I had so much fun there!! It's nice to be back home now & I was so happy to come home to this lil bundle of surprise. I just had to share what I received for the month of May 2015, with you.

The theme for the May Fabbag was "Sun, Sand & Sexy" so it meant some great beach-y, summer essentials would definitely come my way. Being in Bengaluru, I cant have any 'Beach Days' but one can surely wish to get away to some place that has them, eh? ;-)

Here goes - 

1. Vana Vidhi Rice Scrub - Oriental Rice Paddy: 

The 70 gms of product comes packaged in a plastic tub with a coppery aluminium cap. It has a strong herbal, Ayurvedic scent to it. It contains goodness of Jojoba oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil, Carrot seed oil and other lovely ingredients, blended with brown rice to make a natural scrub. 

Vana Vidhi Rice Scrub

I really liked this Rice Scrub over my normal Walnut scrub since this is less damaging to the skin; rice makes for a smoother scrub than most walnut & apricot kernel scrubs available in the market. Also, after the rice grains have gently exfoliated the skin, the oils in the product leave the skin feeling well-moisturized (unlike my regular one, which needs to be followed up quickly with a moisturizer!!) I would still suggest a moisturizer after any kind of exfoliation, but this rice scrub can be followed up with a light-weight one :-)  Another plus for this product is that its free of Sulphates & Parabens!!

2. SAND for Soapaholics - After Glow Face Cleanser:

SAND for Soapaholics - After Glow Cleanser

With all-natural main ingredients like Masoor, Almonds, Aloe Vera, Honey, etc..this one's exclusively for the face. I received this product in a small plastic, ochre-yellow tub (sample size). I took a pea-sized amount on my palm and added a few drops of water to make a paste and then applied it to my face. With mainly an almond scent, this product is really refreshing and leaves your skin feeling soft & supple. 

I haven't tried removing my makeup with it, in spite of the 'cleanser' claim :-) I have only used it at night before going to bed for a squeaky-clean face.

3. Black Scarf by Bling:


Little disappointed with this one, as I could have got the same (or a better) scarf for Rs.100/- at Colaba Causeway (Mumbai) or MG Road (Bengaluru) hehehe...Its a basic black scarf that "apparently" retails for Rs.500/- (??!!) Lol in case, the people curing this bag haven't noticed - We weren't born yesterday!! :-P

4. Be a Bombshell Eye Shadow Quad in the shade 'Bora Bora':

I forgave the "expensive" scarf debacle, all thanks to this beauty right here!! When I saw reviews & unboxing videos of the May Fabbag on different social media channels, I had hoped to receive this particular product rather the Makeup Stick. Dont get me wrong, the Makeup stick is great too; the eye shadows were just my preference.

The well-loved 'Bora Bora' quad :-)

The quad contains 4 shades (duh, Neha! Obviously!) - Scarlet, Bora Bora, Risky Business & Rock Bottom. I don't exactly know which one's which but I'm absolutely in awe of the pigmentation!! These shades are insanely pigmented and you need very little product to create a bold, colourful look. 

Here's a simple look I created wit the quad - I put the 'goldenish' shade all over my eyelid, used the 'taupey-brown' on the outer-V of the eyelid & then blended both with the 'coppery orange' (LOL yes, those are the names I'm gonna roll with!) I also blended my kajal on the lower lash line, with the vibrant Blue shade in the quad, which ended up becoming a highlight of the whole eye-look. And no, I wasn't trying to recreate the 'Ash at Cannes' look with the blue lower lash just happened to be there & I used it...hahaha!

Really liked this month's products, I must say. I also really liked the nautical striped, water-proof bag that the Team has sent this time :-) Maybe because I love the sea, maybe because my Dad was in the Navy, I don't know...but I liked how simple, casual yet sporty it looks!

Have you subscribed to the Fab Bag? What did you get in your bag this month? Let me know if the comments section below...cant wait to hear from you! Hope this sneak peek / mini review helped you in some way :-) 

Until the next time... Ciao!

Disclaimer: I have subscribed to Fab Bag on my own. These reviews are my personal opinions and haven't been sponsored. I have always maintained that apart from the 'delay in delivery', I have not had any issues with the Fab Bag Team. Their products are usually nice and I have never had a bad experience with them till date..Touchwood! ;-)


  1. Hey Neha, I had subscribed to fab bag after checking out your reviews. And this month I received my first bag. It has some nice products and the scarf that I got in the bag is much better than the one in your picture. I did use the After Glow Face Cleanser as well, mine is with haldi.

    Thanks for introducing me to this concept and keep up the good work with the blog..

    Keep blogging....

    1. Hi Aparna, your comment made my day! If my lil blog can introduce new products, help provide information or even remind anyone of their old favourites, then I'm happy to be contributing in some lil way :-) So happy to know you subscribed to the FabBag :-) keep visiting the blog!! Your comments really motivate me to do better....

  2. Hi Neha
    Looks like fab bag has improved on the products being sent. I really love that eyeshadow quad. Such pretty shades. Time to renew again 👍

    1. Absolutely! Go ahead and renew... Actually, you are right! A lot of ppl who had subscribed to the Fab Bag previously didnt have very good things to say about it, but off late their quality seems to have improved... You can also take a monthly subscription..that way you can see what's in the box for that particualr month & then subscribe :-)