Saturday, September 26, 2015

Colorbar Kiss-Proof Lipstain in 006 Mauve Dusk - Review

Hi Everyone,

My friend P calls me 'Makeup Matte-y'... she means to say 'Maatey' ;-) but that's okay; the points we lose for bad jokes, we make up for... in our Love for each other ;-) So when she uses my fav lipstick formula for the pun, you know this kid knows me from wayyy back lol. And if you follow the blog for some time now, you too might know that I prefer Matte lipsticks over creamy ones. Not that I don't like creamy formulas, but here are some simple (& obvious!) reasons why Matte formulas rock my world -

1. Mattes last longer
2. I feel I look better with Matte lipsticks.
3. Wearing a matte lipstick means being able to kiss my loved ones without having to worry about staining their faces...I love them a lot, but I don't need to 'Paint my Love' geddit? lol sorry I think only I found that funny!! P, my friend, I need a membership for LJA - Lame Jokes Anonymous. on to know why the Colorbar Kiss-Proof Lipstain intrigued me :-)

Price: Rs.900/- This was a serious ouchie! but I saved up & got myself this one. Being a budget product junkie, this is one of the more expensive lipsticks I own!!

Shade: 'Mauve Dusk'...I love how this product is named. Not a bright Mauve but a dusky one. True to its name, its a beautiful, deeper mauve that brightens up your face, without screaming for attention. This is a very pretty shade that can be sported by all skin tones :-)

Hand swatches:

Swatch freshly applied 

Swatch after drying for around 2mins
Texture & Formula: This is a lipstain, but works like a liquid lipstick. It has a very creamy, easy-to-work with' texture & glides on smoothly on the lips. You will see some shine in the beginning & will definitely need to give it about a minute or two, to dry out & set to a matte finish. This isn't an 'on-the-go' lipstick than one can quickly slap on without a mirror; while working with a liquid lipstick, you must be willing to spend a few moments on precision :-)

Once this baby sets to matte finish, there's no way this would budge. After drying to a matte finish, the lipstick is extremely & I mean extremely comfortable to wear. I'd say it's almost 95% transfer-proof (or 'Kiss-proof, like they'd like to call it!), with only the slightest bit of transfer; otherwise, this doesn't leave your side like a true BFF!!

Pigmentation: The formula is deeply pigmented. One swipe deposits true colour on to your lips, however I like to wait for the first coat to dry (around 2 mins) & then wear a 2nd coat to extend the wear-time further.

Wear-time: The Colorbar Kiss-Proof Lipstain stays on my lips for about 4-5 hrs straight with 1 coat & 2 coats last on me for about 5-6hrs, which I'm very impressed with!! Meals & drinks might result in slight fading, but that's the case with any liquid lipstick, as they tend to fade/transfer when they come into contact with any beverage & food.

Overall experience: I'm really impressed with this 'lipstain' as it tends to give me a great 'matte finish' without drying out the lips. I also like the flexible doe-foot applicator on this one, as it makes going over the borders of the lips so easy! The applicator is designed well as it tends to pick up the correct amount of product required for one full application. The packaging is totally travel-friendly which makes this one a staple in my handbag.

I like to usually pair this up with any Purple-toned Kurti or simply make it stand out with a 'one-toned' outfit. In the pics, I have paired it with a deep-green kurta :-) I like to keep the overall makeup simple when I want to let this lipstain take center-stage. So let's recap -

  • Beautiful matte finish 
  • Extremely comfortable on the lips
  • Gorgeous mauve shade
  • Long-wearing formula
  • VVIPoint - The lipstick totally rocked the 'Kiss-Proof' test .. it absolutely DID NOT BUDGE! Lol before you get any ideas, I'm talking about my lil baby boy. And don't worry I didnt just 'TEST' it out on my baby, I happen to be a very 'constant pecks on forehead' kinda Mommy anyway.

  • Price :-( 900/- is slightly expensive & I'm glad I got the shade I liked; no scope for experimenting with other colours.

Hope you liked this review! Have your tried any Colorbar Kiss-Proof Lipstains? Colorbar also has Velvet Matte Lipsticks, have you tried out those? Which is your current favourite lipstick & always travels in your handbag? Let me know in the comments section below :-)

Until the next post, Ciao!!!


  1. Oooooh!! Price is jara jastach pun... I too had my ouch moment at the store... But then you know :D