Saturday, October 24, 2015

StudioWest Haul & Review (Skincare)

Hi Everyone,

I had been wanting to get my hands on some of the StudioWest products ever since they were launched recently. Somehow, my timings didn't allow me to get to the mall & I settled only to see their pictures on other blogger profiles on Instagram :-P. One of the long weekends, around 3 weeks ago, I had a few errands to run & some shopping to do so I decided to check out the StudioWest line as well.

I almost missed the StudioWest counter thanks to the MOB of ladies there...LOL Do I blame them? Nope! If I had been there 15 mins early, I'd be a part of that MOB as well ;-) My disclaimer / apologies before you read on - This post does not have any makeup products as I didn't pick up any. I usually don't pick up makeup without swatching & that particular day, it was too crowded for me to stand, swatch & buy. :-) So here's what I randomly picked up from their skincare counter -

StudioWest Radiance Aloe Vera & Green Apple Deodorant Body Spray (Rs.185/-) :

StudioWest Radiance Aloe Vera & Green Apple Deodorant Body Spray
The spray scent is fresh & 'citrus-y'. If you like Green Apple as a scent, you'll definitely love this one! It has a lovely combination of Green Apple & Aloe Vera; you wont feel that one of the scents over-powers the other one. It reminds of summer & I'd have loved to use this during that time, if only they'd launched earlier this year ;-) I have been using this every single day since I bought it. The deodorant hasn't caused any burning sensation or inflammation to my skin, in fact I'd say it's mild but still very effective. The product stays on my skin for about 5-6 hrs even on an 'excessively sweaty' day.. lol sorry to gross you out but hey! I'm reviewing a deodorant right? ;-) I can only say I love the product & this will be a definite repurchase!!

StudioWest Radiance Aloe Vera & Green Apple Nourishing Body Butter (Rs.399/-) :

StudioWest Radiance Aloe Vera & Green Apple Nourishing Body Butter
This one was a slight disappointment...for a couple of reasons. First, the body butter fragrance does not match the deodorant :-( I was hoping that just like The Body Shop, an entire range will have the same fragrance irrespective of the product for eg. TBS Strawberry Body Butter & TBS Strawberry Body wash have the same scent. The Aloe Vera & Green Apple Nourishing Body Butter by StudioWest doesn't smell anything like the deodorant that I love!! The body butter has a more tangy, more sour fragrance which is a slight turn-off when you try & take a whiff from the tub. Once applied and blended into the skin, the sour fragrance goes away. Now I don't know if I got a bad batch, or they made it that way, but for a person like me, who loves "anything Green Apple", the Body Butter scent makes me cringe just a bit when I am using it.

Second, this Body Butter takes much more time to blend into the skin. Again, I've used TBS Body butters & my skin tends to soak them up quickly, but this one takes time to blend in. The trick I have discovered is to leave it as is, in the last leg of blending it in. If I keep it that way for a min or two on my legs & move to my hands, I see later that the product on the legs has been absorbed on its own & the skin is well-moisturized! It's very weird lol please don't ask me why that happens, I wont be able to explain why since I haven't done this with any other body butters I've used :-) I will be definitely finishing this one off for sure since I have bought it for 399/-, but will not be repurchasing it in the future! P.S. - The Body Butter tub doesn't even have a picture of Green Apple anywhere...isnt that a little weird? :-|

Overall I feel, I've had only 50% luck in this haul since I only bought two products. I'm yet to check out their makeup products & will keep you all posted on Instagram, when I haul some! Speaking of Instagram, here's a quick look at the pic I posted there raving about their nail colour. My friend S, whom I'd been shopping with, passed it on to me from her haul. I remember to have applied it on a Saturday & apart from slight chipping at the cuticles, this baby didn't budge till Thursday!! :-) This nail colour wasnt technically part of my haul, but since it's a really nice quality nail colour, I just had to share it with all of you! The nail colours get a 'Thumbs up' from me!!

StudioWest Maaya Nail Colour in Silver Saga
(Applied on Saturday; pic taken next week on Thursday)
Hope you liked this quick review & it helps you in some way when you go shopping next time! :-)

Until the next post, Ciao!!!


  1. Nice haul. The nail shade looks pretty.

    1. Thanks Sangeeta! My friend had picked this shade up, she's got good taste in Nail colours :-)