Wednesday, December 23, 2015

'SOAPER HEROES' by Soap & Glory - Review

Hi Everyone,

This post has been long overdue & today I just had to sit down & complete it, to share it with all of you! 

I have watched reviews & skincare videos which include Soap & Glory products & these got me very curious about the brand. I felt like if not anything else, I must definitely pick up something from Soap & Glory on my first trip to Sephora this year ( August).

I brought home the Soap & Glory 'SOAPER HEROES' set.. lol clever play on words there! ;-) The set has 5 different best-selling products, all in convenient, travel-friendly sizes. After having tried out all of them, for over 3 months now, here's what I think about them :-)

Price : Around Rs.1800/- (... Rs.1820/- if I'm not mistaken...)

Packaging : The packaging is totally adorable & vintage-y! Extremely girly, this packaging is sure to catch any shopaholic's roving eye ;-) The products come tucked safely into a thin plastic moulding which has 'SG' embossed all over it. This gorgeous little gift-box contains small travel-sized versions of Soap & Glory's bestselling products. Let's go through them one by one...!!

1. GIRLIGO Scented Moisturizing Body Mist - 100ml
This body mist has found a permanent place on the side-table in our living room. Why? Cuz it's spray mechanism comes in handy when I have exactly 0.256 seconds to moisturize dry elbows, knees, spots on a 3.5yr old hurricane!! Also, the product doesn't really come out as a mist, it sprays out but settles on the skin like any other moisturizer & has to be blended into the skin with your hands. Having said that, it's quite easily blend-able into the skin & the skin feels nice & soft after using this. Girligo might have a 'girly' name but is much loved by my lil macho man..!!

THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER body butter - sorry I couldnt click this earlier :-(
2. THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER Body Butter - 50ml
One of my favs from this set & a definite re-purchase next time around, would be this Body Butter. With the original Soap & Glory scent, this body butter has a clean & fresh fragrance. Deeply moisturizes the skin without getting greasy. Freshly showered skin soaks up the rich buttery cream and is left soft & supple for the whole day. Love this one!! Recently done with this :-( 

3. FLAKE AWAY Scrub - 50ml
I love the fact that I got this in a small tub that's totally travel-friendly :-) I have used it once every week from the time I have bought it. It's a yummy-smelling scrub with the original Soap & Glory scent. The sugar-like granules are tough but not harsh on the skin. I recommend mixing the scrub with your finger once before using it, in fact I'd say mix it every time before you use it; the oily base tends to separate and come up once the tub is left unused for some time :-) (see pic). This doesn't hamper the product in anyway but mixing it once before application, will ensure all the ingredients combine to give you a great effect!! 

CLEAN ON ME Creamy Shower Gel, HAND FOOD Hand Cream
GIRLIGO Scented Moisturizing Body Mist
4. CLEAN ON ME Skin Softening Shower Gel - 75ml 
Can I just say this has become a family favourite? Our family loved this one so much that I had to pick up a bigger, full-size bottle of 'Clean On Me' when I again went to Sephora in Nov :-) They've stuck to the original SG scent on this one but without making it totally girly!! The body wash is creamy, runny & leaves the skin feeling thoroughly cleansed yet absolutely moisturized... a saviour in the winters!! Full size bottle restocked already ;-)

5. HAND FOOD Hand Cream - 50ml 
I have been guilty of not using this, as much as the other products. I have no excuse other than I'm slightly forgetful when it comes to hand creams. I dont remember to keep re-applying them everytime, after washing my hands. I have used this cream only at nights before I go to bed. It's thick, rich & very moisturizing. Must try for anyone who loves soft, smooth hands...

Soap & Glory is a brand that isn't easily available in India. So the next time, you spot Soap & Glory, be sure to pick up at least one product to try it out! I got the CLEAN ON ME Creamy Shower Gel for my Sis-In-Law - V & highly recommend that you get your hands on that one first. It'll surely make you want to get more from this brand. 

I apologize for the delay once again...this post should have come in Oct itself & it didn't :-) Hope you liked this post.. do leave me your comments in the 'comments section' below. Have you tried any Soap & Glory products before? Tell me all about them..!!

Until the next post...Ciao!!!


  1. Read so many great reviews on the flake away scrub. Can't wait to try it out.

    1. It deserves all the praise it's got Sangeeta! :-) Do try it out when you get the chance...

  2. I have always wanted to try out Soap and Glory, but, well, the availability... I think kits like these are the best way to explore a brand.
    Shall keep an eye on this kit for sure.

    1. Grab it when you see it Niv! I'm sure you'll like it dear :-)