Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Eyeshadow Palette Collection (Pic-heavy post)

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to have been MIA for a long time! I'm not going to get into the excuses but get straight into my new post ☺

I'm a self-confessed "Lipztickaholic", but there are days when I like to play up my eyes too! I have a limited collection of eyeshadow palettes & these are what I work with most of the time. Read on to know why I like these -

1. Makeup Revolution 'I Heart Chocolate' Palette

The rich, chocolate tones in this one are not only absolutely yummy-looking but also have great pigmentation & staying power. This palette is amazing for neutral eye makeup. If you're starting out & like to keep it simple on the eyes, this would be a great palette to invest in. I totally trust Makeup Revolution London with eyeshadow plaettes because they've never disappointed me!

2. Wet N Wild 'Comfort Zone' palette

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know how much I love this lil baby. She came to me as gift all the way from USA & I adore her to the T ;-) The shades on the left create a beautiful neutral eye look, while the ones on the right are great for a forest-green eyelook. Here are some looks I created with this palette - Look 1 and Look 2

I use these shades individually as well. The last shade on the bottom-right corner is said to be a dupe of the MAC Blue-Brown pigment. I recently slapped it all over my eyelid, no liner - no mascara & got compliments galore! I have worn it HERE.

3. Sleek I-Divine palette - 'Original' - 

This was the very first eyeshadow palette I actually bought. I've reviewed it HERE

4. Makeup Revolution Redemption palette in 'Iconic 3' -

Now this was my 1st Makeup Revolution palette. I picked this gem up from a blog sale by Miss Kay from IshtyleAwhile. Thank you Kay.. I'm absolutely in love with the rosy tones of Iconic 3..!!

5. Chanel Quadra Palette (no.38 Premier Regard) -

My dear friend V, gifted this to me on my birthday. It's beautiful and basic. The Chanel Quad comes with a mirror & 2 sponge applicators. The lighter colours I find are slightly chakly, but oh that gorgeous brown & that deep black, make up for them! ;-) I usually use this particular brown for an everyday "Brown Smokey Eyes" look.

Bonus palettes (I use these as eye shadows at times..)

1. Revlon Shimmer palette - A great highlighter, shimmer brick kind of product. It doubles up as a mini eyeshadow palette when I travel. You all know my love for multitasking products ;-)

2. Technic Colour Fix Bronze Palette - My sweet Sis-in-law gifted this to me & honestly I have only used these deep, earthy tones as eyeshadow. Whaddya know? With all the bright lipsticks I sport, I guess I am a "neutral eyes" girl afterall 😊

P.S. - My SIL got this from Europe, however this brand also has launched in India on Amazon. I've not seen this particular palette but seen a lot of products from this brand.

Note : This post was delayed and I have a new palette in my collection. I recently purchased the Makeup Revolution I Heart Sin palette. Haven't worn it yet so didn't feel right to include it here. :-)

If you're looking for a palette to start off with or wanting to add new stuff to your collection, I hope this post helps you in some small way. 

Until the next post, Ciao!! 


  1. I love your palette collection. and I am so glad that you are making such good use of that Makeup Revolution one.

  2. I love the Wet N Wild comfort zone palette. Worth every penny.