Friday, August 21, 2015

My experience at the Jawed Habib Salon (Jayanagar 9th block, BLR)

Hey Everyone,

I'm just back from the Jawed Habib Salon & I'm here to share the experience with you all. The one I visited is at Jayanagar 9th Block (BLR) near Ragi Gudda temple, opp the Lakme Salon.

My hair was last cut in 2012 Jan, 7 months before my baby boy was born & I had not shown it any TLC for over 3 yrs hehehe Sorry Hair, I apologize ya!! I had heard about the Jawed Habib salon being really nice, but I was still skeptical about the salon rates. Come on, you know me by now...just cuz I hadn't cut it in over 3 yrs didn't mean I'd splurge 3K on it..!! I'm a strong believer in 'Beauty on a Budget'.

I gave in to my gut & booked an appointment. I entered the salon and was greeted by Bimal, my stylist. While giving me a hair wash, he noticed that I had a dry scalp & told me the correct way of washing & drying my frizzy hair. He also gave me a lot of information about how a dandruff shampoo should be used alternatively with a normal shampoo, to avoid build-up. He told me that my regular use of a dandruff shampoo had made my scalp, dry & hair, more frizzy.

By the time he got to actually cutting my hair, he'd given me a LOT of information. LOL Lets just say the man has some awesome tips & he loves to share hahaha! ;-) But he's a sweet guy and a damn good stylist. He asked me a lil bit about my current lifestyle; small yet important bits like how much time I devote to my hair on a daily basis, etc. He almost had a mini heart-attack when I said I hadn't cut my hair in over 3 yrs. He told me that if I really liked to grow my hair, I need to trim it regularly (every 3-4 months) to get rid of split ends. Poor chap, that 3 yrs story, really rattled him! ;-)

So we discussed my hair in detail a lil more; he took my suggestions on having layers in the hair, whilst keeping the length the same, more or less...& here's the result!!!

Freshly cut & blow-dried
I'm really happy with the cut and the styling, because its something that I can manage on a daily basis & PLUS...I didn't have to break the bank..this cost me a lil over Rs.600/-. Yaayy Me!!! Now I need to wait and watch to see the result after a wash #CurlyHairWoes ;-)

Ruffled up version 1.1 (after about 1 hr)
Hope you liked this quick, casual post. I really wish I had taken more pics of the salon & the styling process, but I didn't go in thinking I'll be sharing the experience on my blog. Anyway, will do so next time :-) Until the next post, Ciao!!

Note: This post is not sponsored by the salon. I paid for the services & this post is up because I wanted to share a good experience with you all.