Friday, July 31, 2015

Skincare Empties - June & July 2015

Hi Everyone,

I'm here today to share an 'Empties' post. You must be wondering why I'd share an empties post with you, well here are a couple of reasons. 

get to tell you the products I finished, along with a quick opinion on each of them...well, just quick thoughts on whether I liked the product & if I will repurchase it in future. And more importantly, it's like a commitment I make to myself to use the products all the way through, not give up on them midway & report my thoughts to you ;-)

1. Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Mud Pack - Really nice for oily, acne-prone skin & those rare breakouts. Althouh I havent used this regularly (actually I should..) I use it on sudden breakouts and it dries them out within a day or two. I'll definitely repurchase this one.

2. Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation 04 - It says its water-based but this one had the sticky, foundation-ny feeling & I wasn't comfortable with it. I will not be re-purchasing this one. I've gotten pretty comfortable with my current CC cream so not really looking to change to foundation soon.

3. Lakme CC Cream in Bronze - Aah! Well, the pic says it all, I have gone throught almost 8-9 tubes of this from the time it released. I wish it came in more shades, but I like the Bronze shade of this cream, so I'm gonna stick to it :-) One of my favourites, will definitely repurchase.

4. Garnier BB Cream - I really like this one for daily use. It doesnt give much coverage but I like that it brightens up the skin for a fresh look. The lovely almond fragrance is a plus as well. I'm going to stick to Lakme CC Cream as of now; maybe I'll get this during summer next year.

5. Johnson's Baby Milk Cream - Yes, Yes, I'm a CHOR (thief) like that!! LOL My son's cream has made its way into my empties post cuz I love it for dry elbows and knees. And on rare occasions when my face feels dry and parched, this one's a saviour!

6. Loreal Paris Skin Perfect Cream (30+) - I'm not the one to go after 'whitening creams' but this one sparked an interest in me since it was customized for age groups - 20+, 30+ & 40+. It was nice, not a great cream that I'll jump and repurchase. The nice yet strong fragrance & the fact that it can sometimes leave a white cast on the face on humid days, put me off a bit. I'm glad I bought a small tube & managed to finish it :-)

7. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Daily Sunblock with SPF 70PA++ - My constant companion during all those summer days, I finally finished this cream. I won't repurchase this one again but would definitely go for another version - the SPF 40 Tinted Sunscreen by Lotus. I can swap that one for any BB/CC Cream/Foundation on my face since it provides more coverage and remains matte throughout the day...things this SPF 70 guy sadly doesn't do :-)

8. Cuccio Naturale Hydrating Butter with Pomegranate and Fig - I loved this one! Yummy fragrance, extremely hydrating & .....freaking expensive!! LOL... Read my thoughts on this lil guy, I got as a sample in one of my fab bags - HERE.

Hope you all liked this new post. Would you like me to continue doing such posts in future? What did you finish off this June & July? What's your opinion on some of these products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below...

Until next time, Ciao!!!

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